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Becoming a Knight

Are you considering becoming a Knight? There are basically 3 steps that will get you into our council as a participating member.


Sign up to Become a Knight

Image by Anuja Mary Tilj

Complete a Degree Exemplification

Click on the Join Our Council or Transfer button and fill out all the the required fields. We will get in touch with you and get you in the system as someone interested in joining our council. There are no dues for your first year and then it only costs $25 a year after that. Your dues goes to helping us support our community and to doing the good work we do.

If you are transferring from another council and already have a third degree, you are all set. We will contact you once you are officially transferred. If you are a new member and not currently a knight, the next step is to participate in a degree exemplification ceremony. This is a big deal and you are welcome to invite your wife and/or family to go with you to the ceremony. The ceremony will bring you from being just a member to a third degree knight.


We will be holding in-person initiation ceremonies every month or so locally in the Lakeland area. Check our calendar to see when the next exemplification will be held. Also, email us and we will let you know when the next one will be held if you don't see it on the calendar.

Another way to get your degree is through an online degree ceremony put out by the Florida Knights Council and is through Zoom. It is currently held every Thursday and the 4th Monday of every month at 7 PM. Click the link below to sign up for the date and time of your choice.

There is one more online degree ceremony which is pre-recorded and can be taken anytime and at your leisure. Once you complete it, you will get a certificate showing you are a 3rd degree member. Take a photo or scan the certificate and email it to and we will get your degree in the system and will send you a degree packet.

We have many programs that we do throughout the year to help out the community or to raise money. We are currently looking to expand the number of programs that we have. In order to develop new programs, we need people willing to volunteer. Many times, the same 10-20 brothers are the only ones participating in programs and they can get burned out if no one else steps up to help out as well. Find a few programs that interest you and show up to volunteer. Participate in as many programs as you like. Many people are busy and if you only have time to volunteer once a month or once every other month, that is perfectly fine. Most of the time, you don't have to sign up to volunteer, just show up. Check out the monthly calendar on our website to see what is going on. 

We also have a Council Meeting every 2nd Monday of the month from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM in the hospitality room by the bell tower at The Church of the Resurrection. This is open to all members with a degree and prospective members and is a great way to find out what is happening within our parish and council. We also provide some food and drinks after the meeting as well.

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